30 Jan 2017

free background pictures

free background pictures for your electronic devices. You can use as you like. It will be highly appreciated if you link us back if you find these pictures useful to your personal / work related purposes.
orange tree

colourful fishes

fish waterfall

Chinese new year oranges

fish pictures

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29 Jan 2017

Ban on coke and Pepsi in tamilnadu

Due to the recent protest against the ban of jallikattu " bull Sport" in Tamilnadu, South India, The local trade association has decided to ban the sale of the sale of Coca-cola and Pepsi from the start of 1st march-2017. It is estimated that the soft drinks giants will be set to looses 1400 crores if the ban on the sale of soft drinks will take effect.

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26 Jan 2017

chinese new year 2017 celebrations

chinese new year 2017 celebrations

Singapore is getting ready to celebrate this year's Chinese new year festival. People are in a hurry to do last minute purchase, and in most cases, people opt to take leave today in order to celebrate and travel to reunite with their family. It will be is a long weekend for working adults in Singapore as the Public holiday falls on the weekend, So, by default Monday will be holiday also here in Singapore. But, For most of the Chinese, they will resume their work another few days later. Post your chinese new year wishes to friends and relatives in the comment section below.

The most popular Chinese New Year Greetings. Listen to CNY greetings, Chinese New Year Wishes, messages, Phrases, Words, Vocabulary, Quotes. Click on play to listen to the pronunciation. Greetings and Sayings for the Chinese New Year.New Year Greetings 2017 p1, New Year Greetings 2017 p2, New Year Greetings 2017 p3, Date of the Chinese New Year 2017, Chinese Zodiac Rooster Sign 2017, Chinese Zodiac Monkey Sign 2016, Monkey Celebrities. Chinese Zodiac Sheep/Goat 2015, Chinese Zodiac Horse Sign 2014, Mahjong Reading: The Coming Year, Christmas Greetings. Guanyin Fortune Telling, Gong Hee Fot Choy Spread, Chinese Astrology, The 12 Chinese Signs, Kaucim Chi Chi Sticks, Mahjong Readings, Fortune Cookie, Misfortune Cookie, Get your Yi King (Iching), The 64 Hexagrams, I Ching - Yi King For Lovers, Confucius Sayings.Credit: http://accesschinese.com/newyear/chinese-new-year-greetings.php

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23 Jan 2017

rain rain go away lyrics song

Nursery rhymes : rain rain go away lyrics song

Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
little jhonny wants to play
Come again some other day
Rain, rain, go away.

You also can change the name[Jhonny] to insert your child name, so that the kid will enjoy even more singing this song. You also can watch our youtube video rain rain go away lyrics song HERE.

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22 Jan 2017

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