4 Jun 2017

apple Juice receie for weight loss

Posted by visantube
Juice prepared from apple, beetroot and carrot has gained the name of being miracle drink due to the innumerable advantages which can be benefited from both brain and body. The name this drink has acquired is all due to the several advantages, this was discovered by Chinese Herbalists who have found this to be helpful in treatment of lung cancer and several other diseases.The magical benefits this drink gives has helped this drink in becoming popular throughout the nation for which there is a need only to get apples, carrots and beetroots all of which have to be put in a juicer to extract juice from them but will not have to be stored instead should be consumed immediately after it is prepared.
There is no need to follow some strict quantities to prepare this juice instead it can be prepared as per the taste which might even require addition of either more carrots or apples, for those who want best out of this juice should mix equal quantities of these ingredients to which lime juice can be added making it better option than sugar.This juice is so nutritious only due to the presence of two vegetables and one fruit which is full of several lifesaving antioxidants, apple is full of Vitamins like A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and K along with nutrients like Folate, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Sodium and Iron. While carrots are known to have vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and K along with Niacin and Pantothenic Acid supported by minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and Selenium. Maximum advantage can be gained from carrots in their juice form rather than the vegetable eaten directly.
Beetroot is a vegetable which is known to help the heart in prevention of any cardiovascular diseases which are full of nutrients like Vitamin A, C, B-complex, iron, copper, magnesium and potassium along with several anti-aging agents.Combination of these three is enough to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients to keep the body going throughout the day apart from which they also are known to provide long lasting benefits to the body health. Some of the advantages which can be gained from drinking this fruit juice,This drink few years ago was suggested to those who have been suffering from lung cancer for which it is necessary to drink this for 3 months continuously after which it has been found that they have completely healed from this life taking disease. This drink is not just limited to lung cancer but also is known to treat all types of cancer by restricting the growth of cells which can lead to cancer.
This juice is known to be perfect choice for development of various organ’s health like kidney, liver and pancreas saving them from various problems which also helps in strengthening of heart and lungs.
It is already known that this miracle drink consists of beetroot which is known to look after the health of heart along with presence of carrot which is known to help in promotion of heart health with compounds like alpha and beta carotenes and lutein. When all the goodness from these both vegetables is mixed with apple aids in keeping the cholesterol levels down and having a control on the blood pressure also acting like a shield in front of heart from diseases.There are many who state that this miracle drink will also help in keeping the skin without any spots, pimples and also extending the time during which the skin keeps on ageing. Younger and fresh skin that is dream of many can be easily acquired by one glass of this miracle drink daily.
This juice is also said to improve the entire digestive system in the body that protects stomach health saving it from ulcers, controlling the bowel movements and relieving chronic constipation.This is the best drink which will help in providing brain with all the necessary nutrients which in turn increases the memory and helps in proper functioning of brain.This works great even for the eyes and is suggestible exclusively for those who are forced to work on computer for several hours which might result in drying up of eyes, irritation and tiredness.This juice also works great in enhancing the immunity system at the same time safeguarding the body from different types of allergies, this works even in curing any sort of throat infections.This miracle drink is also known to detoxify the liver and blood purification thereby helping in increment of red blood cells production.
Women suffering with too much pain during menstrual cycle can also go with this drink since it is known to relieve from any such pains and cramps apart from this it is said to relieve pain from any sort of activities which might also include physical activities.This is also said to work wonders for those who are looking to lose some weight at the same time giving necessary energy without putting on additional calories.In order to get maximum benefit from this miracle drink it is suggested to take it on empty stomach that too early in the morning and one hour after its consumption people can go ahead with their regular breakfast. But this does not have to be restricted only once but can even be take twice every day in the evening before 5 pm which may change from one person to another.This drink can be taken for one month continuously or even 3 months for this drink to work effectively  making it part of diet to get benefit for longer duration.
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3 Jun 2017

Easy Home Remedies for Gall Bladder Stones

Posted by visantube
With the perfect remedy for the gallbladder stone, you can stay away from all sorts of sufferings and pain. But before remedies, it is important to know what it is and how it takes place. The symptoms help to get an easy cure to the problem.
What Are Gall Bladder Stones?
Gallstones are the concretion that is formed in the gall bladder in the binary track. The disease is referred as Cholelithiasis in medical terms. A minute solid structure gets accumulated in gall bladder which is found to be having the shape of the stone. This is a combination of cholesterol and bile pigment which is hardened to form stone particles. The size of gall stone can vary a lot and from being minute, it can reach a size of a golf ball. These stones are categorized based on the content it is formed by like the cholesterol or the pigment.
Two Types Of Gall Bladder Stones:
1.    Cholesterol Stones:
They are formed by hardening of cholesterol and they are very commonly seen gallbladder stones. They are usually yellow – green in color.
2.    Pigment Stones:
They are less common and they are due to the pigment bilirubin. They are usually smaller in size compared to cholesterol stones and are dark in color. These stones are found to be formed in an organ called gallbladder which is located under the liver. This organ gains much importance as it aids in digesting fatty foods like oil and fats.  The main work of the gallbladder is to store the secreted bile juice which is released to the small intestine when the food from stomach enters the intestine. The Bile is produced in liver which is found to be a combination of different salts, cholesterol as well as bilirubin along with bile salts in it.
The loss of function of gall bladder takes place due to gallbladder stones. This might also cause fibrosis as well as might stop gallbladder from working in a right manner. The risk of cancer can also be seen due to these stones. Non-functioning gall bladder is known as Chronic Cholecystitis.  The surgery is the only way for some of the cases of gallbladder and this is done only if there is no other way to sort the problem. This includes the procedures like removal of gallbladder (Cholecystectomy) and is done as 
The gallstone is found to be having specificity and the risk of this varies from men to women. The study shows it to be occurring more in men than women and it is about 20% for men below 50 and more than 50% for above 50 to 75 years. In women, it is only 25% for those who are above 60 and 50% for those who are above 75 years of age. This is quite common for women who undertake hormone replacement therapy and those who are pregnant.
Symptoms Of Gall Bladder Stones:
Knowing these symptoms will help rectify gall stones easily.
Nausea/Frequent vomiting
Yellowing of skin and eyes( Jaundice)
Pain in between the shoulder blades
Pain that occurs for short or long term
Upper abdominal pain for short or long time
Indigestion on a regular basis
Sever back pain
Causes Of Gallstone:
Lack of exercise
Sudden change in diet structure and metabolism
Starvation and weight reduction
Junk food consumption
Cholesterol lowering medication
Excess cholesterol accumulation
Birth control pills
Estrogen  in pregnant women
Home Remedies for Gall Bladder Stones:
Fiber Food: Fiber content in food like vegetables will help to enhance metabolism and it also helps to reduce cholesterol. Fiber content in food will help the bile juice to get used completely and no residues will be left behind.
Bell Pepper: Contains Vitamin C which helps to avoid gall stones.
Tea: The tea that is commonly used at home can help reduce the stone formation.
Salmon: Since these salmon fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for health and lower in cholesterol, they act as preventive methods for gall stone.
Wine: Wine consumption relieves form gall stones as well as pain caused by these stones.
Cucumber: The juice of cucumber with honey twice a day will help overcome gall stone.
Apple: Apple juice with apple cider vinegar when taken will give relief from gallstone
Turmeric: Mix turmeric with honey to consume daily. This relives the pain as well as dissolves the stone.
Vegetable Juice: A juice formed by the mixture of carrot, Cucumber, beetroot and honey can be consumed to get the expected result.
Artichokes: Consuming artichokes daily will prevent gallstone formation.
Honey: This gives best result when taken with warm water. Mixing 2 tbs of honey in warm water and having it daily will help.
Rosemary: This helps producing bile which in turn helps dissolve these stones.
There are some precautions one has to follow to avoid the gallstone formation. They are:
•    Red meat
•    Poultry products
•    Saccharine
•    Maida
•    Cheese and ice creams
•    Processed foods
•    Fatty foods
Food To Be Used:
•    Turmeric
•    Fibers
•    Warm water
•    Citrus fruits
Yoga For Gallbladder Problems
To avoid the surgical treatment, it is important to know things which help to heal the gall stone and to reduce the size of it. These things will reduce the gallstone and makes the residue pass-through urine and will heal without getting noticed to the patients.
•    Paschimotasana
•    Bhujangasana
•    Sarvangasana
•    Shalabhasana
•    Dhanurasana
These yogasanas has to be followed and repeated everyday early in the morning and specifically in empty stomach. This will help one to overcome the problem. This is one of the best ways of treating oneself. Some of them can be followed even when they have no gall stone problem which will in turn stop this from occurring. These things are easy and one can find these remedies at home, in kitchen and the yoga can be practiced as a part of daily exercise.

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2 Jun 2017

follow this magic diet plan to lose weight fast

Posted by visantube
Are you looking for the fastest way to lose weight? Are you having a big party in a couple of weeks time and are looking to get into skinny clothes that fit your properly? Are you going out on a date in a couple of week’s time? Whatever be the reason that you are trying to lose weight, you have come to the correct page that will provide you with the ideal tips that will help you to easily lose weight in a week’s time.

weight-loss-plan It is important for you to find the right kind of weight reduction method to get back into shape and never fall prey to diet pills and weight loss supplement advertisements that you come across on television channels and the internet. If you are able to combine a proper and healthy diet with an exercise regime, then this could be your passport to the fastest way to lose weight and that too naturally. The first and foremost thing that you should remember is that you should not skip meals or eat at irregular times in any weight loss plan. If you ever thought that skipping a meal or two an eating a hearty meal only once a day is never going to help in reducing your weight. Also, make sure that you set realistic weight loss target goals before beginning a weight loss program and try to achieve the set target. Always bear in mind that you can only stretch your body to a certain limit with rigorous exercise routines and a well balanced and healthy diet plan.

One of the most popular and commonly followed diet plans of many weight loss enthusiasts is the Magic diet plan and this plan is the best plan that you can come across on various sources that will provide you with the fastest way to lose weight and that too naturally without intake any other health supplements or diet pills. General Motors is one of the leading car manufacturing brands and they have come up with a renowned and successful Magic diet plan or Magic diet plan that is followed by many other companies as well as educational institutions as it will help in improving the well being of people working in an office or a school or a college or any other industry. The Magic diet plan is found to be successful in people of all age groups and there are even claims that people have been able to lose 8 kilograms of weight within a week’s time by following the diet plan from GM.

There are quite a lot of people who are a bit plumper for their liking and are looking at different ways to lose weight without putting in a big effort. There have quite a lot of people who have tried various options like yoga, workout in the gym, running, jogging and regular exercise to reduce weight but have not been able to get rid of the excess fat deposits on their body and to reduce their weight. If your bulkiness is your worry and you would like to shed off those extra kilos from your body, then Magic diet could be the answer to all your weight problems.

How To Lose 8 Kgs Weight In 7 Days
If you are ready to go on a Magic diet plan, the first thing is that you need to do is to get your mind ready for the diet regime that you are going to follow. Only if you have a controlled and peaceful mind will you be able to be successful in this weight loss plan that offers you the fastest way to lose weight. The diet plan is for one week and through this diet period you will only be allowed to take specific foods as prescribed in the diet plan for each of these seven days. It is believed that you will be able to reduce about 5 to 8 kilograms in weight when you follow the diet plan exactly as mentioned below.
The most important thing that you need to realize in this fastest way to lose weight is to not stay hungry at all. This will do the opposite and instead of your plans to lose weight you might end up gaining a few extra kilograms. This plan suggests you the right amount and the right quantity of food that you can intake in order to make you feel you are full always. You might be curious thinking of how a diet plan will work when you are allowed to eat and that too at a specified amount. Also, many people who took this lose weight diet program from GM were puzzled on how a diet program that does not ask you to fast will help in effective weight loss. But, there is nothing to worry about in this diet plan as it is a sure shot procedure that will help you to reduce your overall body weight by 5 to 8 kilos in about a week.

Day One- fresh-fruits
The first day is the most important day in your Magic diet plan program. You are just stepping into the world of knowing how you can reduce your body weight and that too in 7 days time. The Magic diet plan says that the first day of the diet must be a complete fruit diet day. You have the option of eating all the fruits that you possibly can and also take in whatever fruit that you like. But, it is important for you to make sure that you avoid bananas from your fruit list on day one. Some of the suggested fruits that you can take on the GM’s weight loss diet plan are watermelons and cantaloupe. You are also supposed to drink about 8 to 12 glasses of water on day one and make sure that you do not even touch any other food items, not even raw or boiled vegetables. If you need this plan to work effectively in your body, then you should only consume various kinds of assorted fruits throughout the day. If you feel hungry, try to eat more fruits and of course drink water.

Day Two - vegetables
If day one was a day that gave you the opportunity to binge on your favorite fruits, then day two provides you an opportunity to eat only vegetables throughout the day. You can take in the vegetables that you like both in the raw state and in cooked state. But, it is important for you to make sure that you do not use any sort of oil while cooking vegetables. Consuming boiled vegetables are also a good option. You can take any vegetable that you like including potatoes. But, it would be safe for you to try out the boiled potatoes early in the morning itself so that the carbohydrates get burnt during the course of the day. Some of the common vegetables that are good to be consumed on day 2 of the lose weight diet regime are: cooked beans, raw and cooked carrot, broccoli, cucumber, boiled bottle and ridge gourd, lettuce, boiled cabbage and so on. There is no doubt that your digestive system will completely undergo an overhaul by the evening and you also would need to visit the toilet more times than before. Make sure that you do not miss out on your daily dose of 8 to 12 glasses of water along with a strict veggie diet on day two.

Day Three -Get Healthy Skin With Fruits And Vegetables
The third dray of your GM weight lose plan will allow you to take both vegetables and fruits for the entire day. Make sure that you do not touch potatoes in the veggie section and also make sure that you do not consume bananas from the fruit section. You have the option of going for a fruit diet in the morning followed by a veggie diet in the afternoon and a fruit diet in the evening followed by a veggie and fruit diet at night. The options and the permutations and combinations of consuming the fruit and vegetable diet or combination of both the diets is totally left to your disposal. You can decide on what you would like to have provided it is fruits and vegetables. Never miss the option of drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water even on day three as well.

Day Four -bananas and milk
Day four would interest dieters looking for the fastest way to lose weight as it is filled with a banana and milk diet. Yes, you need to take at least a minimum of 8 to 10 bananas throughout the day and are allowed three glasses of milk. You might be a bit worried if this diet will make you feel hungry. But, on the contrary, you will feel quite full with this diet plan at the end of the day. You need to divide the bananas and the glasses of milk properly so that you do not feel any kind of starvation on the fourth day of Magic diet plan regime. Consuming a banana and a glass of milk in the morning followed by a couple of bananas during the midday will be an ideal start to day four. You can take a glass of milk and two bananas for lunch on day four. You can also take a couple of bananas in the evening or even three bananas and then take a couple of bananas and a glass of milk at night. There will be no sign of hunger at all throughout the entire day if you follow this simple day four regime.

Day Five -tomatoes
If you love having a feast, then day 5 of the GM’s lose weight diet plan offers you the opportunity to a feast on day five. It is the day when you can have a cup of rice for lunch and take about six to seven tomatoes throughout the day. As there is every chance of producing a lot of uric acid in your body, it is ideal for you to increase the water level from 12 glasses to 15 glasses on day five.

Day Six -cup of rice
You are in for another feast day on day six of the GM’s diet plan. Here too, you will be allowed to take a cup of rice in the afternoon for lunch and you also need to stick on to a vegetable diet for the rest of the day. It is also important for you to make sure that you take at least 8 to 12 glasses of water on day six as well. This is the penultimate day of your seven day Magic diet plan regime and you are sure to feel quite lighter than before by the sixth day. There is no doubt that you will also be improving your digestive system completely with this seven day diet plan from General Motors.

Day Seven -Fruit and vegetable juice
This is the last day of the lose weight diet plan from GM. Here, you are allowed to take a cup of rice and all the veggies that you would love to eat along with the fruit juice of your choice. This is considered to be the best day of your entire diet regime as you have the option to eat all the vegetables that you like and to flush it off by consuming the fruit juices of your choice.

There is no doubt that you will see a considerable amount of weight loss in  your body and you have done nothing other than following a strict fruit and vegetable and drinking water diet plan. There are also quite a lot of benefits that you gain from the Magic diet plan. You will see your face to glow even better than before and also will improve your digestive system. The best advantage though would be that you would see a reduction in your body weight by about 4 to 5 kilos or even more.So, for all the overweight people who are starving their stomach away to lose excess weight, try the healthier and fastest way to lose weight by following the simple Magic diet plan.

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8 May 2017

Easy Fat Burning Home Workouts To Lose Weight

Posted by visantube
Most Effective Fat Burning Workouts To Lose Weight at Home
Who doesn’t want that svelte figure which can make everybody turn their head in awe and wonder? Yes, it is the truth! When you see a person with a well-maintained body, you just cannot stop admiring that person consciously or subconsciously.The fact is that we need to maintain our body because due to many reasons the fat content gets deposited in the various parts of our body, which becomes a herculean task to shed after a certain period of time.
What is Body Fat?
It is really necessary for us to know about body fat? The answer of this question will definitely help you to deal with this body fat issue more effectively. Like many other components of the body such as muscle, water, bone and other organs, the body fat makes the structure of the body. The body fat can be divided into two types, such as essential fat and storage fat. Essential fat helps for the normal functioning of the body and gets deposited in central nervous system, bone marrow, organs, and muscles. Storage fat is the fat that gets accumulated beneath the skin. And it is the fat that increases along with weight gain which becomes difficult to shed.
Causes of Body Fat
There are various reasons due to which the fat gets deposited in the body. Read on to know more about them.
Energy Imbalance:  If there is not a proper balance between your energy IN and energy OUT, then you will very accumulate fat tissues in your body.  Energy IN is the amount of calorie we get from the food and drink and energy OUT is the amount of energy our body uses for digesting our food, breathing and other physical activities. The body should maintain a balance between these two energies to maintain a healthy body; else it will lead to fat deposition in various parts of the body.
Inactive lifestyle: One of the main reasons of fat accumulation in our body is less physical activities. And this often leads to obesity or makes the person fat as he/she is not able to burn the excess calorie that she /he has taken through the diet.
Now people are spending most of their time by watching TV or indulging in leisurely activities. The advancement of technology has made the work much easier and the human beings inactive, which in turn make them fat and in the long run make them obese.
Genetics: It also plays a great role in deciding a person’s weight. It runs in the family history.  You may become fat or obese if any of your parents are suffering from weight issues.  The genes determine the capacity of your body to store the fat. Often the children adopt the food habits of their parents. So if the parents are obese, the chance is there that the children will also accumulate fat tissues in their body.
Health Issues: Some health conditions also make a person fat. Some of these conditions are polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Cushing’s syndrome, underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), etc.
Medicine: The consumption of certain medicines like corticosteroids, antidepressants, and seizure medicines make the person to gain weight, the main reason of fat deposition in the body.
Age: It also plays a crucial role in making a person fat. When the person gets older, he or she/he tends to accumulate fatty tissue in the body. With age the person also becomes less active, which means he/she burns less calories than the calorie she/he gains from the daily diet.
Less Sleep:  Insufficient sleep also makes the person fat. According to some researches, sleep balances the hormones, which make you hungry (ghrelin) or full (leptin). So when a person does not get enough sleep, the hormone ghrelin grows up which means the person feels hungry and eats more food. Sleep also affects the insulin level in the body.
Pregnancy: During pregnancy, women tend to gain weight to meet the demands of the body and for the growth of the child. But after delivery, sometimes it becomes difficult to shed that weight. It makes the woman fat and sometimes obese.

Exercises to Burn Fat at Home
Fat deposition and weight gain are interrelated to each other. If you gain weight, you will accumulate fatty cells in your body and in the same way if you burn fat you will lose weight.
Weight gain is one of the most difficult health conditions which everyone wants to get rid of. There are many surgeries as well as OTC drugs that promise to treat the condition.
At the same time there are many exercises that target the various body parts and help you lose weight. And the good thing is that you can perform these exercises at the comfort of your home without burning a hole in your pocket by going to the gym.
1. Lateral Jumps
It targets the core, glutes, and thighs. It is one of the simplest exercises which involve almost all large muscle groups. It makes you to burn high number of calories and at the same time tones your body.
How to Perform
Stand as if you are going to do a squat.
Keep your feet in shoulder width apart and hands in front of your chest.
Push your butt back and take the squat down position.
Swing your arms downward in the same movement.
This is like a squat jump but you’ll have to angle your arms slightly to the right.
From the squat position jump upward and left, but also laterally. Jump 2-3 feet laterally.
Do not go straight up and swing your arms to the left, which will throw your lower body to the left.
Now, stand but immediately squat down, with your arms to the left a bit.
Immediately explode upward and take a jump to the right.
Start jumping left, right, left, and continue this.
2. Low Belly Leg Reach
This exercise targets the corsets and the six packs. So helps to burn the fat that is accumulated in those areas.
How to Perform:
Lie on your back on the floor with your face up and knees bent to 90 degrees.
Keep your hands behind the head and your abs are contracted.
Keep your knees stacked over the hips.
Lift the shoulder and crunch up.
Inhale and be in this position for 3 to 5 seconds.
Now, exhale and extend the legs to 45 degrees.
Squeeze the lower belly and be in this position for 3 to 5 seconds.
Perform 2 sets of 10-15 reps to burn fat from the corsets as well as from the six packs.
3. Push ups
These exercises work on the whole body, thus helps in the overall fat loss. One of the most important benefits of this exercise is that you can modify this exercise and can make it very challenging.
How to perform
Lie on the floor on your stomach by keeping your feet together.
Place your palms down on the floor in shoulder width apart and next to your shoulders.
Put all the body weight on your hands and raise your body from the ground.
Now lower your body and come down but ensure that the stomach do not touch the ground.
Repeat this exercise as many as you can perform to burn fat.
4. Skipping Exercise
Useful for both men and women, skipping is a simple yet an effective exercise that can help you to lose weight from the thighs and the stomach. Apart from that it also helps to burn fat from other parts of the body.
How to perform
For this exercise, you need a jump rope.
Hold your jump rope or skipping rope in both the hands.
Start jumping with this rope and continue this jumping at least for 30 seconds.
Jump with both your legs at once to get better results with less time.
Perform this exercise preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.
5. Single Leg Lift Jump Exercise
This exercise works on the core muscles. It effectively works to tone the body by burning the deposited fat in the body.
How to Perform
Stand straight on the floor, and then lift the left leg from the ground.
Bend down and place both the palms on the floor.
Now you need to jump with the single foot but ensure to keep your left leg up from the ground.
Perform this exercise for 30 seconds and then perform it with the other leg by bending your right knee.
This challenging exercise will help to lose weight in an effective way.
Some Other Tips to Lose Weight
Exercising will definitely help you lose weight to get that perfect body. But at the same time it is important to maintain that healthy body and in this case following some useful tips will help a lot in achieving your weight loss goals. Let’s have a look at some of the important as well as useful tips that are mentioned below.
Diet: It plays an important role in weight gain as well as in weight loss. To lose weight as well as to maintain it, you need to give proper attention to your daily diet. Make sure to include more raw foods like fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.
Smaller Meals: Take smaller portions of meal in regular time intervals. Avoid eating more food at a time and try to eat 5 to 6 meals per day to notice a drastic change in your body.
Drink More Water: Water is one such element which helps to melt the deposited fat in the body. And at the same time it also makes you full for which you will not feel hungry. So less hunger means less consumption of food, which is often related to the weight loss goal.
Avoid Eating Starchy Carbohydrates: Do not eat food with starchy carbohydrates like rice, breads, potatoes and pasta. These foods provide more energy to the body than it requires. So the excess energy gets stored in the body as fat.
Lower the Consumption of Sugar: Sugary foods often lead to weight gain and deposition of fatty tissues in the body. So limit the consumption of sugar to maintain a healthy body.
Consume Fiber Everyday: The consumption of fiber everyday will help you to keep your weight under control. As fiber absorbs water it takes more space in the stomach, which ultimately keeps you full.
Avoid Eating Junk Food: Do not eat junk foods, such as French fries, potato chips, pizza and hamburgers etc. as these are loaded with unhealthy fat.
Eat a Balanced Breakfast:  A balanced breakfast provides the much-needed energy to the body that has not taken anything in the night. It also balances your hunger pangs so that you will not eat more in lunch, which will help you to shed the weight in the long run.
Eat More Vegetables: Consuming more vegetables immensely help to lose weight. Packed with nutrients they offer the necessary vitamins and minerals to the body and at the same time help to maintain a healthy body.
Set Goals: Set goals for your weight loss plan to achieve the target. It will not only help you to lose weight in a specific time period but will also achieve the targeted weight loss easily.
No more going to the gym or no more going to the doctor. Now you can burn the fat to lose weight by doing the exercises at the comfort of your home. Try the exercises as well as follow the tips that are mentioned above to get that awesome figure to woo the world
Emotional Factors: Sometimes people tend to eat more when they are angry, stressed or happy. So this factor over the time makes the person to eat more and deposit more calories in the body. The excess calories in the body often make the person fat or overweight.


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13 Apr 2017

Tamil new year celebrations in singapore

Posted by Visantube

Visantube wishes all Indian / Tamilians a very happy new year. Today is the public holiday in Singapore, not because of Tamil New Year, but today it happened to be Good Friday also.

For those working class, this is a great news, as they can enjoy during this long weekend. Many people will be going out for short trips across the border and heavy traffic will be expected on these few days at checkpoints. We wish you all, once again for Tamil New Year, Good Friday and for a wonderful weekend. Letts comment below on your plan for this long weekend!!

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